3 visualization techniques for manifesting your dream life 

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Are you ready to take your life to the next level? It’s okay to have “everything I asked for” yet feel like something is missing or like there is more that you have to do in this lifetime. It’s time for you to start manifesting your dream life.

Now, I am a strong believer that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Yes, there will be struggles. And no, it will NOT be easy. However, when you are clear on what it is that YOU want, then it’s only a matter of manifesting it into the 3D form. 

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As ambitious moms, you may reach a point where you find yourself super occupied with long to-do lists but still can hear a little voice telling you it’s time to tap into something new. A voice that is telling you that living life can be enjoyable and you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams in the process.

If that is you, then you are in the right place.

Manifesting your dream life

This blog post will share how you can use visualization to make your dreams a reality. I share on this topic from experience, and being someone who now as a mom is currently manifesting a new sector of my life. 

I grew up believing that the way to to success and happiness was checking off these items:

  • Going to college and getting a degree
  • Buying a home in my 20s
  • Getting a 9-5 job to pay the bills and build up for retirement
  • After retirement, enjoy what you’ve built

And while in isolation none of these things are “bad,” what I didn’t do is ask myself WHY I was doing it. I didn’t ask myself whether buying this home at 26 was the best decision for me or something I simply had to do in order to prove that I am an adult. 

I didn’t ask myself what my dreams were and whether this 9 to 5 job allows me to play it out. 

Statements I believed to be true

I heard that life is tough and we all don’t get what we want and must deal with it. I heard that I must have a plan A, B and C. But I realized that this statement is false, and actually is harmful and false.

Yes, the journey in itself may be difficult depending on your starting point, but everyone started somewhere and failed multiple times before getting to their end goal. If you have a plan B and C, then you are not giving 100% to plan A already anticipating that it MAY not work.

 And we DO get to do what we want; we just prevent ourselves from doing it because we get consumed by the media and the narrative our parents learned and then taught us.

My point here is that I want to challenge you to believe that you can have and do all that you desire. I have two beautiful little kids; a full-time job and I’ve spent over a year doing content creation – all because this fills me up and are bringing closer to additional desires in my life. 

So no, I don’t wake up hating my busy schedule – I embrace it because I’ve finally begun doing what my heart has been pushing me to do for a long time now. 

What is visualization?

Visualization is a technique where you literally visualize and place yourself in the space of your ideal life and in the perspective of your ideal self. You want to picture your life when you feel completely fulfilled and with no limitation. Not only do you want to focus on what your life looks like, but also how you carry yourself, habits you hold and how you feel.

This is the very first step in your process to becoming your best self and building your ideal life. Because, if you don’t have this identified, then you can easily walk 2, 5, 10 years down a path that truly didn’t bring you joy – and that is what we are trying to avoid. 

How to get started with visualization

Before I share 3 different types of visualization activities that you can incorporate into your life, I want you to do this.

I want you to find a quiet space for yourself whether a room in the house, a spot in your neighborhood or a local garden. Find a space that brings you peace and you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone. You are going to do some writing.

And my busy mamas, take this as an appointment day…make sure you get someone to watch your kids or schedule it during a nap time.

For all 3 techniques you will need to do some pre-work.

On a piece of paper or typed on your phone, I want you to answer a series of vision setting questions as if you were already living your dream life.

The first question to answer: What does your ideal day look like in your dream life?

Consider these sub-questions

  • At what time do you wake up?
  • What does your morning time look like?
  • What is your work schedule like?
  • Who drops off and picks up the kids at school?
  • Who prepares dinner and how often?
  • What meetings do you have to attend?
  • How does your evening time look? Who is sitting at the dinner table?
  • What do you do after the kids go to bed?

Grab here this free list of 20 other questions to ask yourself when creating your vision.

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3 practices for manifesting your dream life

#1. Create a digital vision board

Now you may have heard of a vision board before or have actually done one. But I want to share some key components to an effective vision board.

You can use either Canva or Pinterest to create two different types of vision boards. This will be a visual representation through images and pins that depict the habits and material possessions that exist in your future life. 

Canva: this is a free app that you can download on your phone or desktop using this link. Once you are on the app, you will find a search bar on the top. 

  • Type in “vision board”, and an array of different templates will pop up
  • Select the template that you like
  • Begin editing your canva template with images that you can either upload from your desktop or use their free library
  • Go back to the responses to your vision setting questions and search for images that represent that

Pinterest: this is a free app that you can also download on your phone or desktop using this link.

Once on the app, you can select the (+) sign and click board.

  • Type in a name for this board. It can be dream life, ideal me, whatever you desire
  • On the search bar on Pinterest, look up different images as it correlates to responses from your vision setting questions
  • When you select the image, you can put it directly into that specific board

For Pinterest, I’ve created a video walk-through on how to create your vision board (under 15 minutes). You can get it for free by downloading this free resource checklist here. 


  • Select images that have been taken from the perspective of the person. For example: instead of pasting an image of an airplane, find an image where a person is sitting in the airplane seat looking outside of the window. 
  • Consider all aspects of your life – personal habits and self care routines, career/business, family/kids, your home, social life, leisure/fun

#2. Create an audio recording of your dream life

This is something I’ve done a handful of times and I find super impactful especially during my life check-in points mid and end of year.

Here, I want you to take the responses to the questions above and record yourself reciting them as if you are telling a friend what you do from the moment you get up to the moment that you go to bed. 

You can use a recording app on your phone or go old school and get yourself a recording device. 


  • Don’t recite it by saying “my future self spends the mornings doing x” instead recite it as if you ALREADY live it that way “today I woke up and picked out a book from my in home library to read.”
  • Be super detailed (past just the questions I provided). I want you to notice how the slippers that you put on feel. The lighting in the bathroom or whether there are toys all over the ground. Literally place yourself there.

#3. Make a list with only words

You can set your vision in your mind and write out complete sentences that share what all you have accomplished as your ideal self. You will also write down the lifestyle that you live in.

This can be done in a running list on a piece of paper or poster board that you then keep somewhere that is easily accessible. You will do everything you’ve done in the above techniques except these are just words that you look at on a paper versus an image that you look at.


  • When able to, be specific with either the thing you desire or the feeling it gives you
  • Create a list of up to 300 dream life accomplishments, desires, lifestyle etc.
  • Select a section to recite aloud every single day

But vision setting has not worked for me

I commonly hear people tell me that vision setting is not for me. I wanted to outline these three techniques to show you that visualization does not have this one size fits all look. It is brought to life in so many different ways. 

Someone may work best with images while others with words. Someone may know exactly what they want while others know exactly how they want to feel. 

The point here is to place yourself in the future you sense at whatever capacity. The point is to not walk aimlessly and waste time doing things that don’t get us to what we desire. 

So, I’d argue that vision setting can work for you – you may just need to try a different method.

Manifesting your dream life

It’s now your time to do and take action. I promise you; this will change everything for you. This journey is not easy, it is actually quite challenging especially when you have so many roadblocks to get through.

But it’s possible.

Manifestation has been my middle name all my life. It will open so many doors and help you to live a life that you can look back on and feel you lived with no regrets. Let’s get going with manifesting your dream life.

So, take out your calendar, and schedule in your vision setting day.

Select the method you will do and get ready for your transformation to begin.

Share in the comments below what you are most excited about and what is something you are trying to manifest?

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