8 Powerful Ways to (Re)build Self-Trust as a Mom

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Do you keep telling yourself that tomorrow you will finally re-start your fitness journey or begin that side hustle you’ve been thinking about? Yet, you work out for 2-3 days and then fall off the wagon.

Or tomorrow hits and you are still scrolling your phone “researching” about side hustles, but you haven’t actually taken any action past that? What may be happening is a deeply layered lack of self-trust that keeps you in the re-starting or planning phase.

Today’s blog post is all about rebuilding that self-trust as a mom. If you don’t focus on what is broken first, then the “re-starting” moments will continue to arise. You will continue to let yourself down if you don’t handle these tough parts.

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Why is having self-trust as a mom important?

Trust is so powerful. I want you to think about someone who you trust in your life. Now, why do you trust this person? What characteristics or actions have they taken to make you feel trusted and therefore rely on them?

For me, it’s my mom. She is someone who has always encouraged me to be my best self. Through the good and the bad, she’s always given me a shoulder to cry on and a person to express myself too. She says kind words to me and reminds me of all I am capable of.

When I need her, if she’s able to, she will be there. She has kept her word to me and does so with a genuine smile.

Now, you can see, my mom did a few things – encouraged me, kept her word, and has cared for me. The question is, are you being that person you trust with yourself? Where is it that you fall short? When you acknowledge this, then you can begin to work on the actual steps to change it and make it better.

Trust allows you to remain focused, to know your worth and to commit to the things you say you will do. When you trust yourself so hard – absolutely nothing can get in the way of your success.

8 ways to rebuild self-trust

  1. Start a mindful morning routine:

Now, this requires you to understand what it means to be mindful and why it’s important. According to merriam-webster, being mindful means inclined to be aware. That is being aware of the present moment, surroundings, feelings and emotions. 

For example: it’s taking your kids to the park and being attentive to each smile they give, the way the leaves move, the words they say to you as they slide down the slide versus seeing them do those things but in your mind thinking of your long to do list and how much longer you have to be at the park.

So, in this phase, I want you to focus on building a mindful morning which can include – 

  1. Expressing gratitude while looking outside
  2. Listening to a guided meditation
  3. Journaling about your current thoughts
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  1. Challenge limiting beliefs and replace with uplifting ones

This is where you need to actively catch yourself when you are verbalizing or thinking something that is placing a limitation in your life.

We are quick to say that we don’t deserve this, or we don’t have time for self-care (for example) but remember, if that is what you tell yourself then that will be your reality.

So, when those thoughts come into your mind, instead say…

I can do x even if it seems difficult

I am worthy of y despite my busy schedule

I will do z even if someone tries to get in the way

This exercise pairs well with reciting positive forward thinking affirmations whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.

My self-awareness planner breaks down limiting beliefs more in-depth and helps you put this into practice. Check it out here.

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  1. Celebrate your wins (create a system)

This is something I recommend you do AT LEAST once a week.

It is incredibly easy for you to never do enough or to “fall short” in your minds. As mentioned previously, when you think this way, you unintentionally embody it.

Take note of what IS going well, and don’t fail to acknowledge and broadcast that. When you do this, you are recognizing that not everything sucks, and you are indeed making positive strides. 

It pushes you to be kind to yourself and to see things that you often miss when all you focus on is what you have not done.

You can do this by journaling, posting it on your social media, or simply writing a win on a sticky note and placing it on your desk.

  1. Set up accountability measures

Having an accountability system is always something I find handy. 

Now accountability can be created in a handful of different ways. Typically, we think of a person who can make sure we stay on top of our stuff. 

When you haven’t been disciplined at a certain goal, this is helpful to get you going for the first couple of weeks. But the goal is for you to eventually not NEED a person to remind you to do the thing that will help you elevate. 

Outside of people, accountability can take on a couple of different forms:

  • A timer on a watch, phone, stove (you name it)
  • An alarm clock
  • A virtual friend: YouTube helps with this
  • Support groups whether in person or virtually 

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  1. Develop clarity on your desires

Now imagine seeing a list of things to do but repeatedly not doing it because you just don’t want to do it. 

You may be doing these things because you feel like you have an obligation to your PAST desires and/or the people in your life depending on you for that thing. 

For example: 

  • 3rd year in law school and completely hating it and thinking of your interior design business idea
  • Always wanted to be a teacher and now 5 years in you want a change but you don’t know where to start or what the right move (plus you hold the income in the home)

This is what I like to call our intuition and desires pulling us towards what we are truly destined to do. But sometimes the fear of failure or because you are relying on x income to pay for certain bills, it then prevents you from making moves.

Get clear on those desires and then sketch out a plan. I am not saying to quit your job today without an alternative but rather LISTEN to yourself and start making moves in that direction.

If you want help with this, grab my free workbook with 21-vision setting questions to help you gain clarity.

  1. Create small victories – see yourself complete something

Okay so this ties neatly with celebrating your wins. But the point here is to make sure you are creating incremental growth goals.

Now have your BIG goal, of course. But layer that into growth goals say per week, month and/or quarter. This way you can see your accomplishments as they are happening.

If you have a big goal of earning 10k months on your etsy shop, make sure you have benchmarks to check off while getting there. Otherwise, if a two, three months go by and you are not earning that, you may quit **even though there is A LOT you may be already accomplishing.**

When you see yourself checking benchmarks, then you know you are building progress, you keep going…and you trust yourself to do what you say you are going to do.

  1. Read self development books

Alright, this is super straight forward, but reading books to expand my mindset can do you wonders. It can help you to keep going even on the toughest of days. It will also allow you to see things that can often be unclear. It will definitely help you to build self-trust as a mom.

You can start with 10 minutes a day and can add/remove time as appropriate to your schedule.

And for those non-readers (don’t worry that was me once upon a time), feel free to start with listening to self-development podcasts.

One of my favorite books is How Are You Really by Jenna Kutcher! She also happens to have a podcast called Goal Digger.

Take a look at my top book recommendations that have literally changed my life – and I don’t say that lightly.

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  1. Learn how to quiet the noise

This takes practice and time especially if you are someone who stayed away from quietness OR felt like quietness is not possible with the busy life you run. However, this is everything because it allows you to face the things you are avoiding or to recognize what is truly calling your attention.

Having a mindfulness morning is one great strategy for this but it can be applied at any point in the day.

When being quiet with yourself, see what comes to mind (I call it journaling in my own head). What worries come up? Why are you disliking work so much? Why aren’t you able to add self-care when you want to so bad?

I love to have these conversations while commuting to work in the car. Instead of blasting music, I force myself to sit in silence. This can also happen while on an elevator (yes, put that phone down).

Make the time because future you will thank you later.

How can self-trust as a mom elevate your life?

Self-trust as a mom is one of the most powerful self-improvement and self-development traits that can truly transform your thoughts and fulfillment in life.

If you are at a place where you know you want more, and changes need to happen – then you must build your self trust muscle.

It will get you through the highs and lows of the journey that people with low self-trust often don’t see through.

We got this! Let’s start to build self-trust as a mom.

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