8 Steps on How to Reinvent Yourself TODAY

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Do you feel like something in missing in your life? Are you feeling unfulfilled despite “having it all?”

You may fall into one of two buckets:

  • I checked off everything that I was “supposed” to do – I bought a home, I had kid(s) and/or I got a degree to pursue a career YET I feel misaligned with my greater purpose
  • Or my life is a mess; I have these goals and aspirations, but I have yet to act on anything I want to really do. I tell myself that it will all change tomorrow or next week, but I continue to fall into bad habits
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It’s time to tap in with yourself and begin living life fully and in purpose! But I am going to be honest, there is a lot that you need to uncover and work through. There is a lot that you need to face and quit making excuses for. And most importantly, there is a lot that you need to change and start acting on or towards.

This is what I call the reinvention stage where you will reconnect with yourself, the YOU that you’ve put to the side so you can give your all to your kids and others around you.

Remember, you cannot truly give of yourself to others if you are not giving to yourself first.

In this blog post, I will share 8 different ways that you can start your reinvention era and begin embodying the lifestyle and habits that you desire.

#1. Become super clear on your vision – both the life you want to live and the person you want to be

This is so important; I cannot stress this enough. It is often easier for us to identify the things that we don’t want or the habits we want to break, then it is stating what would actually support us in feeling authentically US.

In this step, you will need to ask yourself a series of questions around the lifestyle you want to live, the values and characteristics that future YOU embody.

To the future you…

  1. What daily habits does she foster?
  2. Does she wake up early in the morning?
  3. Does she work out?
  4. What kind of meals does she eat?
  5. What is her schedule like?
  6. Does she pick the kids up at school?
  7. Does she attend Friday Zumba classes?
  8. What does she do with her family to bond?
  9. What kind of car does she drive?
  10. How tidy does she keep her home?

An exercise I love to do is creating a vision board. I like for this vision board to represent a random weekday in your ideal future, where you show and/or write down how that version of you 5, 10 years from now acts, thinks and what she possesses.

For example: make a bullet point list of your desires, go on Canva (free app with templates) and create a board using free images, or create a Pinterest board labeled my dream life and self.

#2. Build a positive and growth mindset

It’s easy to want financial stability and to be a fitness mama, BUT all that is not achievable or sustainable without fostering a powerhouse mindset. So, what do I mean by this?

Your mindset is the beliefs that you have that then informs the choices and actions that you take in your everyday life. If you believe that self-care is impossible, and that you don’t have time for it – then you simply won’t put effort into committing to and doing it.

If you tell yourself that you are a horrible mom for building a career alongside your family, then that mom guilt will continue to arise and float into your daily energy.

So, you must replace these beliefs with alternative thoughts and positive behaviors. This involves practice and using techniques that helps you in doing so. One of the most powerful ways (and the one I’d recommend to EVERYONE), is mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness practices are activities that allow you to be present in the current moment without harboring in the past grief or future stresses. It allows you to take in all that you have now and remember that you are worthy of all you desire.

How to reinvent yourself today with gratitude journal 77 pages. Image shows page models.

Here are some examples:

  • Expressing gratitude
  • Writing your daily wins in a journal
  • Meditating before the day starts
  • Taking walks without distractions
  • Reciting affirmations to yourself or aloud

As you do this, we enter the next step.

#3. Lean into becoming more self-aware

In developing a more positive mindset, you will then have to step into self-awareness of your past experiences and people that have contributed to the way you feel about yourself and your life.

Self-awareness allows you to understand why you respond the way you do, and pinpoints when you need to do something differently.

To help you, I created a free 47-page self-discovery through shadow work journal that you can download here.

These are the questions I went through for months to help me better understand myself. By doing so, I can get in certain situations and understand what is triggering me.

Does it make it easier? Not necessarily, but in recognizing it, you can swap in an alternative thought or tool.

Here are some example:

  • Are to waiting for affirmation from your partner or job to tell you that you are doing a good job vs. getting it from yourself? Instead, recite affirmations to yourself every single morning and learn to be proud of yourself!
  • Are you fearful of rejection that you sometimes stay in toxic friendship? Instead surround yourself around people who live life the way you desire to and begin spending less time with those that don’t serve your higher purpose.
  • Do you wake up saying “I hate the mornings” before it even starts to bring that energy directly to your interaction with your kids. Instead, wake up and say 3 things you are grateful for acknowledging that there is so much to be thankful for before kickstarting your day.

So, I want you to become self-aware of the negative beliefs in multiple areas of your life: with relationships (partner, kids, friends, family), your work/career, as a mom, in your home, and with yourself.

And you can then take the time to become self-aware of the good things. The things that work for you, the things that you are passionate about, the things that help shift your energy.

#4. Plan and take action towards your desired outcomes

Okay, so now on to the good stuff – taking inspired action! All is well to have a vision, but you have to actually go out and do something in order to see the desires you have come to life.

General tip: start small instead of big (especially when taking action on something you haven’t done before, or something you keep having to restart). For example: if you haven’t worked out in over a year, start with 15-minute walk instead of one-hour workouts every single day.

Then, organize your desires or goals into categorical buckets: work, home, kids/family, relationships and self. Within each category come up with 2-3 desired outcomes. This is when you work backwards and create a goal from the desires. Let me give you two examples.

Desire: Have more energy to play with my kids, but I lack taking care of my body. I eat terribly, I go to sleep late and chug coffee all day.

Goal: Invest in a fitness coach by next month to help me come up with a workout and nutritional plan; start with taking the “bad” foods out the pantry

Desire: Be confident in my skin; I break out a lot, I hardly have time to do my hair and nails despite wanting to do it

Goal: Set up a once-a-month spa day that is placed in my calendar and scheduled ahead of time. First Sunday of the month, I will communicate this with my husband so can arrange childcare if needed.

Now, you may be wondering how the heck can you get all this done as a busy mama? Here are two organizational / time management tips that have worked for me.

Organization tips:

  • Time block – this involves chunking specific amount of time in my day for specific tasks. Once the timer for that chunk of time goes off, you move on to the next time block. For me, I work my online business from 5:00 to 7:00am and on Mondays I only do editing and social media updates of my UGC content. Once it hits 7:00am, I switch to household cleaning and cooking breakfast.
  • Theme block – this is similar to time blocking except your block of time (perhaps per day) is designated to one specific area/ theme of your life. For my business in particular, I do this on Wednesday where my 5:00 to 7:00am is ONLY email marketing tasks, nothing else. And my Sunday afternoon blocks are ONLY filming.

I love being organized which is why planners are my BFF. I started my own etsy shop because of it! Here is a link to my organizational planner in case it is helpful for you.

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#5. Prioritize self-care in its holistic sense – mind, body and soul

Self-care is too often thought about as taking a spa day or that vacation at the end of the year. However, self-care is much more complex than that as it means to care for yourself – and yourself includes overall wellness, our appearance, our emotions, thoughts and learning what truly fuels us up.

Here are some examples!


  • Daily movement
  • Meal prepping for days of the week
  • Increase sleep quality vs focused on sleep time (especially when kids are little with sleep regression, teething etc.)

Physical Appearance:

  • Take care of my hair and nails
  • Establish a skin care routine
  • Get a wardrobe that isn’t just sweats


  • Create boundaries between work and home life
  • Incorporating mindfulness in your day *also part of soul care*
  • Get a therapist

Soul/ Spirituality:

  • Pick up a hobby that fuels you up
  • Spend time by yourself to learn your path
  • Decide on a career that intuitively feels right

I would start with 1-2 from each one and make it a true priority. That means that you create a plan on how to consistently do such things you are identifying.

I would pull open my google calendar and add a day to go shopping for wardrobe fix or a time alone to establish what those boundaries actually are before communicating it with others.

But the point here is not neglect it. When you begin to take care of yourself, you manage stress better, your mood changes, and you are more positive thinking.

#6. Be mindful of who and what you surround yourself around

This is HUGE! And is one of the biggest factors in your ability to change habits into ones that align with your future self.

When I began all my personal development work, and I had to sit quiet with myself. In that process, I also had to remove myself from certain social groups, activities and people in general. It may be because they indulge in activities that future you doesn’t want to be a part of. Or they are negative and bring your energy down.

Now it can also be a temporary distancing until you build up a mindset strong enough to not let others insecurities and problems get to you and effect you negatively.

What you want to do is surround yourself around resources and people that lift you up and also exhibit the characteristics and lifestyle that I desire.

  • Podcasts/books from authors whose life you admire – here are my fave books for any entrepreneurs/content creators
  • Go on LinkedIn and find social events in your city as it pertains to a topic of interest
  • Open YouTube channel of someone who shares ways to improve self (ay, you can follow me channel here)
  • Do an Instagram detox, and only follow those who are your close people AND those who have what you would like to have *take inspiration from it*

#7. Revisit and reevaluate every quarter, month and week

We are complex human beings who go through different seasons of life. Things happen and things change. How I approached life when I was on maternity leave with a newborn vs. being a director at a 9-5 job while raising a toddler looked differently.

That is the beauty of this thing called life.

Therefore, set aside time to revisit the goals you’ve created and the lifestyle you have been pushing to live. I like to think of this in three forms: quarterly check-in, monthly family check-in, and weekly self-check-in.

With the quarterly checks you are looking at that vision board and your goals.

  • Are those still the same?
  • Are you making any progress?
  • What is difficult and how can you address it moving forward?

Monthly family check-ins are to make sure the family unit is on the same page.

This goes for household needs, but also for your partner to know what is going on in that head of yours. It’s a space to address what areas you and/or your partner may need more support in.

Lastly, weekly check-ins are a How are you doing check-ins with yourself. It’s your time to see how consistent you were with any routines and habits.

You may have to adapt, and pivot given what is going on in that season of life, or through discovery more of what it is that you want to do in this lifetime. That is okay!

#8. Be consistent by building habits

This is often the hardest part for other moms that I talk to. To be consistent with anything, there takes a few different requirements.

  • A DECISION you make, that you COMMIT to – this will require you to learn how to trust yourself
  • Start a routine that becomes a habit after 21+ days
  • Have an accountability plan
  • Have a strong enough PURPOSE

Now to make a decision is not to be taken lightly. It is you deciding that this is essental in your life in order for you to find inner peace, joy and happiness as defined by you.

Because when you make a true decision, you know it won’t all be easy. So instead of quitting when sh*t gets rough, you have actually created a plan to help you combat that.

Next, I am big on routines. And I know some people say they are not routine people. However, from experience as a busy mom, routine is what helped me the most in my personal development journey.

Specifically, it was having a super intentional morning routine (where I’ve actually been waking up between 4-5am for over a year now). I am NOT saying you have to wake up at 5:00am but that there are certain elements to include in your morning to help you be successful. A blog post on this topic is coming soon!

Alongside this, if you really want to be consistent, don’t go at it alone. You can have someone who holds you accountable for certain priorities in your life.

My partner always tells me as it is when it comes to my wellness journey. However, its actually Steve Harvey YouTube speeches that I listen to 3x a week, that helped me stay the path too. Find your accountability in many ways.

Lastly, its going back to that purpose. Or the why behind all you are doing. Why does building this life matter? What is it that you truly want to accomplish in this lifetime? And make sure that why is sooo important, that it helps you on the roughest of days.

Trust me, those days will happen a lot! But you will only get better and stronger.

How to reinvent yourself today not tomorrow

This journey is not the same. It’s individual to your desires and wants. We all have different things that we do well with and others that we need to improve on. So don’t go and start comparing yourself to others. Just don’t do it!

I need you to really dig deep inside you and ask yourself what it is that you want out of this life? As a mom of two, I realized FAST that time is truly a blur. I have no idea what happened to my 20s as I am about to hit my 30s.

Because of that, I now more than ever want to make sure my time is being placed towards the things that really fill me up. It also requires me to be my best version so I can be there for my kids and myself long-term.

Now the real question, are you going to start creating that life you desire TODAY? Or will you continue to wait for that tomorrow that doesn’t show up?



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