8 Steps to the Best Morning Routine that will Change YOUR Life

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If you go on google or YouTube and search up morning routine, you may find loads of videos about 4:00 am or 5:00 am morning routines that work. But in this post today, I’m not going to tell you at what time to wake up. Instead, I’m going to tell you how to create the best morning routine by working backwards in establishing your wake-up time after you’ve identified your vision and goals.

Because the best morning routine is only effective if what you are doing aligns with the lifestyle and person you want to be. 

After deciding that the life I was currently living did not truly fulfill me, I started my self-development journey. And what I can tell you, is that having an intentional purpose-driven morning routine completely changed my whole entire life


Why is having a morning routine important?

The start of the day can truly impact the way you carry yourself throughout the rest of your day. It sets the tone for the way you approach people, projects and tasks. So making sure you start your day in a way that is meaningful can create more positivity, energy and general enjoyment

Whereas, if you wake up already hating it before the day starts, then that same energy will continue to exist as you go about your day. You will begin to notice the things that are not going so well versus the things that are going well. 

For example: if you wake up unhappy because you say “I’m not a morning person” then the first thing you may notice when you go downstairs is the mess on the dining room table or that spill that wasn’t cleaned last night vs. your kids smiling and enjoying breakfast. Or the picture they drew you and put on the kitchen refrigerator. 

What can also happen is that you can become easily irritated and impatient if say you are waking up late or your toddler is having a tantrum. This also results in a negative attitude walking outside the door or starting your workday calls.

What can a morning routine do for you?

A transformative morning routine is something to be done consistently that eventually you won’t even think about it and do with little or no thought. That is when it becomes a habit. And an impactful habit is one that directly aligns with your desires and fosters self-love and self-care.

With a morning routine, you want to make sure it is empowering and uplifting. You want to make sure it places you in a positive and joyful mood. Remember that saying I am not a morning person can be a limiting belief. We all have the power of creating morning routines that suit our needs.

Most importantly, a morning routine is a vehicle to creating this upleveled life, on your terms. Read this blog post to find out more about how to take your life to the next level.

My 8-step process to the best morning routine

Okay so enough explaining why it’s important, and let’s break down my 8-step process to creating YOUR best morning routine and then establish the time you should wake up. I will provide an example at the end.

Step #1: Create your ideal vision for your life and for yourself.

This may seem like “of course, Nelly” moment but this is usually the first piece that we, especially as moms on the go, miss. It’s easy to read blog posts on meditating, journaling, working out etc. and then implement it and feel miserable while doing it. 

Why is that? Because you haven’t understood why you are choosing those specific habits to create. And therefore haven’t built a strong enough discipline. More on discipline coming in a future post soon.

So first, ask yourself a series of questions to better understand the lifestyle you want to live (ideal future you). When asking yourself questions, I want you to think of your life as it pertains to your personal/physical care, home/ family care, and energy/mindset care.

Here are some examples:

  • What home do I live in? 
  • How is pick up and drop off for my kids?
  • Am I cooking everyday or having it made for me?
  • How do I dress up? 
  • Do I have a skin care routine?
  • What are my fitness goals? 
  • Who do I hang out with? 

You can then create a vision board, statement or audio recording. This is how you keep a record of your dreams that will serve as daily reminders. Read this post to find out more about these different visualization techniques. 

the best morning routine to transform your life for moms pin. 4 images with a house, working out, writing outside and coffee.

Step #2: Address morning non negotiables

Okay, now let’s take out a notebook and let’s figure out the different components to your morning routine. 

First, look at your current schedule and write down the hard non-negotiables. Now, these are things you can’t change or move to any other time in the day. They are responsibilities that you have and must do.

Here are some examples:

  • Time you leave for work (if you work outside of the home) or clock into work (if work inside of the home)
  • What time you need to drop off your child(ren) for daycare or school
  • Make breakfast before kids go to school
  • Shower/change

Step #3: Identify seasonal demands

Depending on the season of life that you are in, you may have certain things you need to do for that week, month or next couple of months. You don’t anticipate this being a life-long necessity but rather something that will help you to complete a goal or commitment.

One example: if you are a mom with two kids and going to night school to become a lawyer, then you will need to study early in the morning in order to complete all assignments.

Another example: if you work full-time while also starting a business, then you will wake up and dedicate 1-2 hours to business tasks.

Step #4: Decide on 1-3 activities to do as it connects to mindset care

Now this is the step folks often want to skip or ignore. Or, they think it’s all about meditating and say “that is not for me”, and therefore believe that mindset work is just not their thing. And all that is simply false. 

What I have discovered is that being mindful and growing a positive mindset has allowed me to put fear to the side and take risks. It has allowed me to listen to my inner voice and trust the decisions that I make. 

Mindset work helps you remove limiting beliefs. It allows you to tap into energy that keeps you going and not re-starting the exercise plan for the 15th time. It supports you in knowing yourself so well to the point of deeply loving yourself and therefore always keeping your promises. Yes, this is where discipline naturally flows through too.

Here are some examples of mindset and mindfulness strategies that you can play around with:

  • Journaling – journaling can be so powerful as to help you put your thought onto paper and then reality. Here is this free self-discovery journal that will support you in unraveling those limiting beliefs and better understand yourself. For other journals around self-awareness, self-care, self-worth and more, you can check out my digital shop.
  • Meditation – my good friend YouTube has the best meditations. I personally love affirmation meditations as something you can do as a family or listen to while getting ready. You can focus on one particular area of your life like money, career development or general abundance.
  • Affirmations – these are statements that you make about yourself as if you are already embodying it. Here are 30 of my favorite affirmations.
  • Reading – reading books can help you stay focused and do something for you. I love reading books on business development because that is something I am trying to build and personally love. Reading personal development books will also help you reach new levels. Here are some of my fave books.
  • Podcast – if it’s hard to sit down and read books, podcasts are an amazing way to tap into positivity and a growth mindset. I listen to it on my drive to work or while I am doing dishes. You can check out my podcast Back to HER or one of my faves Goal digger by Jenna Kutcher.
  • Motivational speech – when sh*t gets hard, I love popping on motivational speeches on YouTube. Steve Harvey and Denzel give some of the best ones with advice and inspiration.
  • Prayer – if you are spiritual and practice prayer, doing so early in the morning is one of the best ways to receive positivity into your day.

Step #5: Decide on 1-3 activities to do as it connects to home care

Alright, let’s not neglect this very important piece and that is the way we care for our environment. It’s true that a cluttered home really leaves your mind out of focus and scattered. When you start to organize your space, you open up room for positive energy to enter and flow in.

Listen to podcast episode #33 with expert Patricia Lohan, about Fung Shui and using it to welcome positive energy into your home. You can also check out her Feng Shui 101 course for just $5 using this link.

Examples of home care tasks you can incorporate:

  • Meal prep for the next few days
  • Spaces to declutter *dining room drawers, bathroom vanity*
  • Sweeping the common spaces every morning
  • Doing the dishes/ loading dishwasher

Step #6: Decide on 1-3 activities to do as it connects to physical care

Our physical well-being is essential to consider when creating our ideal life and therefore morning structure. There is no doubt that our body and how we take care of it can impact our mood and energy levels. Additionally, our physical appearance can impact our confidence and the chances we take when walking into a room. 

That is why adding some element of physical care will need to be included into your morning routine. This is something I struggled with the most and where I had a bad reputation of not keeping my word in. So, I have had to work extra hard here to be intentional and purposeful with the choices I was making.

Here are some physical care examples to think of:

  • Supplementary vitamins and your water intake – especially first thing in the morning (yes, mama holds off coffee from being the first thing you drink). Rituals vitamins have been one of my favorites to use. 
  • movement/ workout – yes, move that body! I am no fitness coach, but movement of any kind always shifts any negative energy to that of positivity. This allows me to be more present and available for my kids as well. I LOVE doing my workouts from the growwithjo channel (so good and fun!).
  • Skin care and/or hair care – taking care of my body is not just about moving it but involves what we put in or on it too.
  • Select a nice outfit – to help you feel not only look good but feel good too, and carry that uplifting energy into your day.
start your life changing best morning routine today pin for moms with coffee and notebook in the background image

Step #7: Establish time stamps for each

Now I want you to go to your selections within each bucket and identify how long (approximately) each could take you in the morning. You may have to do some estimating and adjust as you put everything together.

Here is an example:

  • Journaling for (10 minutes)
  • Set a timer of (15 minutes) to declutter a space in the home from a pre-populated list that I created with my partner
  • Exercise for (30 minutes) *Mon, Thur, Fri* 
  • Shower/ change (20 minutes) and skin care routine added to my shower time (extra 10 minutes)
  • Business tasks for (1.5 hours) 
  • Make breakfast for the family (20 minutes)
  • Leave for work by 9 am

All tasks require 3.5 hours and I always add a cushion of 15 minutes so 5:15am would be my wake up time in this scenario. 

Note that I said exercise for 3 days a week so on Tuesday and Wednesday I can get up at 5:45am instead. You can also shift some things in the evening to support your mornings such as meal prepping breakfast or adding your skin care routine before bed.

Step #8: Practice consistently and adjust as needed

I always recommend that you set up a plan and try it for at least 21 days before saying it’s not for you. You need to be consistent, and you will begin to see changes. 

However, it should not be a miserable process. If that is the case, then you should adjust what you are adding for personal care, home care etc., rather than ditching morning routines all together. 

With time, your seasonal demands will also change so always always, keep that end goal in mind on the toughest of days. 

Start your best morning routine today

Establishing this best morning routine has been one of the MOST transformative parts to my self-development journey, and it can be for you too. 

This is not easy, especially at first, but overtime it becomes something you look forward to. It will support you in truly living a life of meaning. 

Remember to give yourself grace and get crystal clear on that end goal!

**I have a morning routine course coming soon! I will email updates closer to its launch**

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You got this.

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