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Hey, it’s Nelly Alba

I am a mindset coach and podcaster

Mom of 2, Youth Program Director and UGC creator


I’m not your typical mindset and manifestation coach; I’m just someone who’s been through it and figured some things out.

If you’re a mom hustling for your dreams, dealing with the chaos or scared to go after your desires because you feel guilty of not giving your undivided attention to your kids/family…I feel you!

It’s also okay to have worked hard for the life you have yet feel unfulfilled and ready for something new after having kids.

Let me take you back to where my love for manifestation all started, and how I got to where I am today:

Since 2012 *my most vivid memories start there at least*, manifesting was a constant in my life, starting from doodles in my notebook to making some real-life dreams happen:

The only Person who can stop You from living your most fulfilled life is you!


  • Did the college thing from 2012 – 2016 with less than 8K student loans
  • Became a high school teacher (my dream from childhood) straight out of college, being offered a position in 13 of my 14 interviews.
  • Got my first car and current car with no monthly payment headaches.
  • Saved up 10K in my first post-college year 
  • Received my master’s degree for special education with 2-years of night classes while teaching full-time
  • Despite PCOS, I had my first child, my son, through IVF in March of 2021 and my daughter in July of 2022
  • Bought my first home, and received the keys in June of 2020 (and found out I was pregnant just one week later)
  • Yearly trips to a European country: Spain, France, Italy and more to come…

Fast forward to October 2022 – second kid in tow, about to dive back into my gig as a youth program director. Reality check: something was off. Despite the checklist of wins, that “I made it” feeling was MIA.

The shift hit when I realized my childhood money beliefs were messing with my vibe. Growing up in the projects, I heard the money struggle anthem – hard to get, and maybe try your luck with scratch tickets.

So, what was my life looking like:

Home, yes. Savings, not so much. Job’s cool but hogging more time than I’d like, keeping me away from my mini-me’s. And the dream of family vacays more than once a year? Felt like wishful thinking.

This was the moment I realized that all I worked hard for (and said I wanted) did not satisfy my true desires. It did not FEEL like I had won at this game called life. Instead, I felt lost, uninspired and felt like something was missing. 

That is when I reminded myself that just how I was able to accomplish all I had done and wished for – I will also be able to figure out what comes next. I will find my joy, I will find my inner balance and I will live a hell of a good life. 

The beauty is that I am doing it all now!

Let’s break down what I’ve done so far:

Recent accomplishments

November 2023, I did what I do best – started writing about the juggle working moms face. Blogging turned into a lightbulb moment – people make a living doing this! 

Cue the entry into entrepreneurship with my podcast, first as Working Mom Balanced, later rebranded to Back to HER Podcast in February 2023.

April 2023, I birthed my Etsy shop, creating mom planners and journals. Got myself a business coach – and began to take this SERIOUSLY. Now, elbow deep in the hustle, I’m narrowing down my lane, realizing I’m all about reminding folks of their power within.

August 2023, learned about UGC (user generated content) and instantly fell in love. Although busy, photography and video taking was something I loved and lost confidence in as I got older. Now? I am coming back baby.

What do I have to show for it?

  • Made $195 from my etsy shop organically selling $3 and $5 journals
  • Landed a paid collaboration with Smart Sleep Coach with PAMPERS 
  • Almost 1,000 podcast downloads and growing!!

Now, the thing is that I don’t yet have the time freedom but momentum is ridiculously rolling. Financial freedom is building. And your girl? Is the happiest she has ever been.

My jam? Teaching ambitious moms how to make confident and aligned decisions through proven manifesting and mindset development hacks:

  • Daydream your way to your goals *yes, action is involved too!*
  • Dump your thoughts in a journal; it works (and if that is not your thing, don’t fret, there are other techniques promise!)
  • Say “I WILL” instead of “I HOPE.” Language is EVERYTHING.
  • Keep the gratitude vibes flowing. Your life will change forever.
  • And know you’re worth it, no matter what. That is THE secret.

Now, I’m pulling back the curtain, ready to spill the beans on how to ditch the fear and manifest like the bada** you are. No fancy words, just real talk.

It’s time to tap into your power and rock a life you love. So, yeah, this is me, offering you the lowdown on how to let go of the stress and manifest like a boss. 

You in? Let’s do this.

To start: go give my podcast a listen, catch some freebies or DM me over on Instagram

So stinkin’ happy to be connected.

Fun Facts

Here are a few things about me 🙂

  • I was a High School special education teacher for 2 years before becoming the Director of Recruiting for an afterschool youth program called YDO
  • I’m sorry but I really dislike cats
  • I am a proud Latina! My family is from Dominican Republic
  • Music is therapy for me and something I’ve always used to help me in the ups and downs
  • I met my partner in crime on Tinder during that last year of college in 2016 *my friends had secretly created an account for me!*

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