Ep.57: How to Unleash Your Potential: A conversation with Life Coach and Author Shannon Talbot


Welcome to the Back to HER podcast, episode 57 on how to unleash your potential as an ambitious woman and mom.

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Shannon Talbot, a Life Coach, Author, and Speaker who is passionate about helping professionals find their power from within to go live out a life of joy and happiness.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Shannon’s Journey: Discover the personal experiences and revelations that led Shannon to become a Life Coach (Timestamp: 00:01:45)
  • How do you go from becoming aware of the things/ circumstances that bring about stress and then actually doing something about it? (Timestamp: 00:05:28)
  • Drop the Guilt (easier said than done): How to handle the GUILT of doing something for YOU that takes time “away” from your kids? (Timestamp: 00:08:26)
  • Four Main Areas Outlined in Her Book: What other factors blocks women/mom face that prevents them from unleashing their potential and going after the things they truly desire? (Timestamp: 00:11:48)
  • Breaking Free by Shannon Talbot: What is this book? Why did you write it? And, who is it for? (Timestamp: 00:16:02)
  • Think of a HOUSE: Shannon’s Final Words of Empowerment – Shannon wraps up the interview with a powerful message for all the ambitious mothers listening. (Timestamp: 00:18:51)

Resources Mentioned:

  • Shannon Talbot’s Book – Breaking Free: Stop Holding Back, Start Being You: Your Guide to Creating the Career & Life of Your Dreams (found on her website below)
  • Recommended Readings and Resources for Personal Development

Connect with Shannon Talbot:

Closing Thoughts:

Shannon Talbot’s insights remind us of the power of vision, the reality of obstacles, and the undeniable worth within each of us. Her strategies for creating a fulfilling career with a rich family life offers a beacon of hope and a practical roadmap for ambitious moms everywhere.

Thank you for tuning into this week’s podcast episode. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, leave a review, and share it with someone who could use Shannon’s empowering message. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and actionable advice.

Until next time, keep striving and believe in your worth.

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