Episode 50: 5 ways to break free from limiting beliefs and make inspired decisions

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One of the greatest barriers to manifesting your desires is holding onto limiting beliefs that prevent you from knowing your worthiness. Once you know that you are worthy of all your desires (and some), then true manifesting unveils itself in your life. 

What are limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is a thought that you have about yourself, others, or the world at large which prevents you from taking certain actions that would otherwise help you grow.

These beliefs are often self-imposed and can create barriers to personal growth, success, and fulfillment. Limiting beliefs are typically negative and undermine your confidence, resilience, and ability to go after all your dreams.

Examples of limiting beliefs might include:

  • I’m not worthy enough to follow my dreams and find success.
  • I always fail when I try something new.
  • I don’t deserve to be happy right now, my focus should be on the kids
  • Money is hard to come by, and I’ll always struggle financially
  • I’m not lovable or deserving of it

Now, these beliefs can (and often do) develop over time based on past experiences, societal influences, or negative self-talk. 

Here is a link to my free 30 day of shadow work journal that will help you in addressing your limiting belies.

So, the challenge is that limiting beliefs can become deeply ingrained, shaping your perception of yourself and influencing your behavior. And when you have kids – this can last a long time – keeping you stuck in a place you deep down don’t want to be in. 

Breaking free from limiting beliefs involves a whole host of different steps, 5 of which I am going to break down in today’s episode.

Time blocks for each step in today’s episode:

#1: Self-awareness and identification (3:55)

#2: Cognitive restructuring (5:16)

#3: Seek support and new perspectives (6:50)

#4: Visualization and Positive Imagery (8:24)

#5: Take Small, Incremental Steps (9:30)

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