Episode 51: How to best navigate feelings of unfulfillment after receiving your desires

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Today’s podcast episode highlights receiving all your desires and how to navigate feeling of unfulfillment after.

May it be because…

  • You never wanted it in the first place, you just THOUGHT you wanted it
  • You wanted it, you got it, it served its purpose AND NOW you want something more or new

I am so happy to chat about this today because this is exactly what happened to me in October of 2022.


My story of manifesting

I’ve honestly been manifesting sh*t into my life since I was little but my more VIVID memories start in high school.

I decided early on that:

  • I would attend a 4 year college with little to no money of debt
  • I would become a teacher and work with kids
  • I would get a car paid in full, no payment plan
  • I would get my own apartment out of college, and not return home
  • I would save 10K my first year out of college from my teaching job
  • I would have multiple kids (2 now, more to come)
  • I would buy a home before having a child 
  • I would travel yearly post college as a reward to self for all I do 

Listen ya’ll, everything I desired, I received AND SOME. What a beautiful thing to say, honestly. 

Now fast forward to October 2022, after having my second child, my daughter and getting ready to return back to my job as a director for a youth after school program my childhood dream, I realized…I didn’t FEEL successful, I didn’t FEEL like ahhh I made it.

It’s been good, it’s been truly amazing…but my priorities have shifted and priorities I didn’t really foresee before having kids. 

Financial abundance and freedom were something I held SO MUCH limiting beliefs around especially growing up in the housing projects, with my mom raising her 4 kids barely making ends meet.

I was told money was HARD to get. And just cross your fingers and hope that you win the lotto with one of them scratch tickets.

  • I have my home but no savings account.
  • My job is wonderful, but takes up more time than I want which keeps me away from my kids
  • I want to travel at least 2x a year abroad not just once and show my kids the world

So, it’s time to press reset

Listen to your little voice inside

However, for many moms out there, the thought of pressing reset scare the sh*t out of you whether it be for pride of what others will say or fear of not being able to do it all over again.

But the little voice in your head telling you to let go of x, or to start doing y…isn’t there for no reason.

The universe is throwing its cues at you, and you have to LISTEN.

You didn’t stop scrolling on Instagram after seeing an ad about starting an online business for no reason.

You don’t keep staring at the beautiful big home with loads of land for no reason.

Pay attention to those cues.

What to do if this happens to you

What to do: when feeling lost, uninspired or experiencing feelings of unfulfillment – zoom out for a minute.

Call out of work, take the kids to the babysitter, and take a day to yourself to reflect, and make sense of your feelings and emotions.

This is when I want you to step into the shoes of IDEAL FUTURE YOU 10-15 years from now. I want you to BE HER for just a minute. What does she feel from the moment she goes to sleep until the moment that she goes to bed? How does her environment look? What is her lifestyle like? Who is she around? Again, how does that all make HER feel.

Think of your life categories: home life, career, personal, relationships, finances etc.

Sit in that. Write about it. Visualize it. Be it.

That is step #1 mama.

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