Episode 52: 10 transformative questions when creating your vision

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Today I want to get into the nitty gritty of vision setting. I’ll be sharing 10 questions to be used in creating your vision and truly manifest the things I desire. 

  • Attending college on a full tuition scholarship
  • My first home by the age of 26
  • My IVF miracle boy in March of 2020

These are 10 questions out of the 21 that I have in my free vision setting workbook linked here.

For this episode, I picked the ones I think will truly help you in getting started and quit just dreaming about money and life abundance…without actually making it come to life in the 3D form.

What is vision setting?

Before we dive into the 10 questions, let me clarify what is meant by vision setting. I know people, especially in the manifestation world, can throw that around a lot. Or, you may have heard of visualizing as a way to manifest. 

The goal here is to clearly identify how you want to feel in your ideal LIFE, and then what will contribute to you feeling those feelings. Lots of feelings here I know. 

People often create a vision based on what they want. The problem here is that those may be things we THINK we want because of external factors like society trends, pressures, parent’s idea of success, etc.

Your vision has to be true to you and your values!

10 questions when creating your vision

  1. What are the core values that guide your decisions and actions in your dream life?
  2. What are the meaningful relationships you’ve nurtured in your dream life?
  3. What career or vocation are you pursuing that brings you fulfillment and joy?
  4. What habits and routines do you practice daily to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle?
  5. What are the hobbies and interests you’ve cultivated in your dream life?
  6. How do you practice mindfulness and manage stress in your dream life?
  7. What level of financial security and abundance have you achieved in your dream life?
  8. What contributions have you made to your community or the world in your dream life?
  9. What kind of people do you surround yourself with in your dream life?
  10. How do you handle challenges and setbacks in your dream life?

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