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The podcast is dedicated to the self-development and growth of ambitious moms creating life on their terms. We discuss all things self-care, wellness, positive mindset and so much more. Tune in every Friday with your cup of coffee or tea in hand (or wait until Sunday and grab some wine).

You’ll love listening if…

  • You are ready to step into your purpose
  • you feel like something is missing in your life

There is a reason that you are here, mama!

Meet the host

Hi, my name is Nelly Alba

I am a mindset and purpose coach for moms, director of a youth program (YDO) and mom to two beauties. After having my second baby and returning to work, I started a blog to encourage other moms to live life as they desire – despite media or lack of resources.

Through blogging I discovered that oftentimes all we need is a little inspiration or encouragement to live out our purpose without letting external (or internal) factors stop us. You can become an adult, with kids and totally hit a point of who am I and where am I going?

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