Streamlining Success: Practical Tips for Entrepreneurial Moms with Tanya Alvarez – Episode 67

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guest appearance with tanya alvarez from ownersup

What to expect

In this episode, we chat with Tanya Alvarez, co-founder of OwnersUp, as she reveals the secrets to her entrepreneurial success. From starting her own ad agency to creating accountability groups, Tanya discusses how she helps individuals find success at work and in life. She provides practical advice on setting priorities, streamlining systems, and her innovative RAP method to reduce daily stress.

This episode is packed with actionable insights for moms pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Key Highlights

  • Tanya Alvarez shares her story of contemplating entrepreneurship and facing limiting thoughts until her mother helped her see what she truly wanted
  • A conversation about become self aware and that leading to your ability to prioritize goals in a way that makes most sense to you
  • She shares her RAP system – a way to prepare and to stay productive for the following work day
  • Tanya wraps up with nuggets to streamline your day as both mom and business woman including ways to create a family Gmail account and more!

Interview Timestamp

1:45 – Tell us a bit about you and what brought you to the work you are doing now

4:15 – How can moms wanting to get entrepreneurship stay focused and energized despite the busyness of life?

7:30 – Let’s talk about productivity: what are some tips on being productive given the time constraints? 

10:50 – It’s easy to get distracted by all the noise around you: how can you navigate this so you can prioritize your most important goals? 

15:20 – Accountability groups: how to go about finding it? What are some red flags? 

19:35 – What piece of advice would you give a mom thinking about entrepreneurship but worries about time and energy? 

23:20 – Where can folks find you and connect with you?

Connect with Tanya Alvarez

You can connect with Tanya on both LinkedIn and Instagram.

If you send her a message on either platform saying you heard the Back to HER episode she featured in, she will send you a free resource that breaks down how to get 20 hours back a week!

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

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