The Powerful Way to Manifest Your Dream Life by Goal Setting

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You may have an idea of the life you want to live but have you actually created intentional and aligned goals to help you get there? The easy part is dreaming and imagining a life with little financial worries, play dates with your kids, trips across Europe (whatever the desire).

But how will YOU get there?

Now, I am a huge believer in people simply getting started, and not letting the fear of failure or not knowing stop them. So, take a step even if that step is simply making the DECISION to do something different. However, you don’t want to stay stuck in this place. A place where you have imagined, and you’ve taken a tiny step or two but no actual plan to reach the lifestyle.

Today’s blog post will focus on goal setting and how to do it in a way that is meaningful to the long-term vision as to manifest your dream life.

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The long-term vision: what if I don’t know it?

Perfect, don’t fret — this is where you will start.

Before you can set any goals, you need to get clear on your vision, your values and your priorities. This will ensure that what you are working towards something that actually aligns with what you desire and/or care for in your life.

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make is to create goals (and execute on them) but realize that the results don’t actually match up with our inner desires. 

Here I want you to create a vision statement and board. Please, have fun with this! A vision statement clearly identifies how your life looks (keeping your priority buckets in mind) and the way YOU feel and look in that life.

Some questions to ask:

  • What is your wellness morning routine like?
  • What are your work hours like?
  • Who takes your kids to school? Who picks them up?

Here is a free workbook with 21 questions that helped me in creating my vision. And if you want a more in-depth breakdown of vision setting, go check out this blog post.

Again, if you are not quite sure what the dream life looks like, start by thinking of the feelings you want to feel.


Manifest Your Dream Life by Goal Setting

In creating your vision, you will see patterns of desires and wants that fall under a specific category or priority in your life. So next, you need to clearly identify these different areas of your life as they will be the steppingstone to your goals.

Now, note: priority categories CAN and WILL shift during different phases and seasons of your life. The tricky part is knowing when to swap it out – but – I don’t want you to focus on that yet.

So here are a few categories to be thinking about:

  • Home life – home maintenance, chores, family time, appointments etc.
  • Career/ job/ business
  • Relationship – with partner, family and friends
  • Self care (physical, mental and emotional) – including your hobbies 
  • Spirituality
  • Romance – if you want to separate from general relationships
  • Travel (which can also go under self-care depending its purpose in your life)

Go ahead and order them from most important to least. Yes, I know this can be hard, but try your best truly looking back at your vision. 

Step #1. Creating your BIG goals within each category of priority

This part requires you prioritize your top 3 buckets. Once you finish those and you still have the energy and ability to add the others – then you can shift to the other identified categories.

For example: let’s say my 3 categories include kids, home life and business.

Now it’s time to create a BIG goal within each one of those categories. I like following the SMART goal method here (without the T). You can read more about the method in this article

Now, the T stands for time-bound, but I don’t want you to say when you will complete such a goal (the big goal at least). 

Sometimes when we say that we want to reach that goal by one-year, we can be super self-critical if momentum isn’t building or if you didn’t achieve your desire by that time. And while I want you to take action, I want you to know that everything happens at its due time

There will be loads of obstacles along the way, and some that may require you to take a week or two off before pivoting to something completely different…who knows. 

But you are down the right path if you maintain that vision even if the path looks differently than anticipated – which 99% of the time, it does.

Example of BIG goals given my 3 categories:

  1. I have easy going and joyful mornings where I can make the family breakfast and take the kids to school with no time commitment to be somewhere else 5x of the week.
  2. I have monthly commitments and a weekly schedule date organized with my husband so we are on the same page (with flexibility knowing things can shift), every week of the month.
  3. I consistently make 8,000 a month from my business by selling digital products, affiliate marketing, a course, YT monetization and UGC and only working 4x a week so I can have enough time to be with my kids and family. 

Step #2: Create 3 mini goals within your 1 big goal

Once you have created the BIG goals that align with your vision, you need to create the mini goals that will help you to get there. 

It’s important to create mini goals for a handful of reasons. One it gives you accountability where you are reminded of all you need to do, one baby step at a time. Which brings me to point number two, it doesn’t overwhelm you. 

Example mini goals:

  1. FOR KIDS: This week – look for one online course that shows you how to start an online business in the personal development niche and buy it.
  2. FOR HOME: Set Sundays at 4:00pm at the family time to chat about the upcoming week (use in alarm clock until it becomes habitual).
  3. FOR BUSINESS: This week – create a digital product (for example: mom planner) to start marketing on Pinterest and my social media.
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Step #3: Document and post it up for daily reminders

Lastly, I want you to document your journey in a couple of different ways. 

  • Journal weekly/daily what has worked, what isn’t working and what you want to learn
  • Take pictures including screenshots of your progress and keep a folder of them

This is such a powerful way to recognize the progress without being super critical. It’s easy for us to see all we have yet accomplished, but not all we have accomplished.

I recommend you post your goals somewhere that you see often (but not necessarily for the world to see). This can be under your pillow, on the mirror in the bathroom or by the door before going to work.

Our goals are not meant for everyone to see and input their opinion on. Sometimes you need to rock solo before you share it – plus it allows you to imagine even bigger things when you don’t have the pressure of your boss seeing your vision board on your desk or laptop. 

How Goal Setting Can Change Your Life

Manifestation is life-changing and is something we do all the time. We just sometimes manifest things we don’t want vs what we do want. And we need to step away from thinking that someone will magically make it happen if we don’t put in the work.

Something can be destined for you (is destined for you)! But you need to act on the nudges of the universe to actually make it happen. You need to quiet the noise and listen to what is meant for you. 

Once that clarity hits, sit down, write a vision and map out a plan. It’s time to manifest your dream life. Watch magic happen before your eyes.

If you feel comfortable, share what feeling you want to embody in the future or a goal (whether big or mini) that you currently have?

And if we are not connected yet, lets chat over on Instagram @itsnellyalba

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