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A space for ambitious moms to discover more of themselves after kids

It’s Nelly Alba is a brand created for ambitious moms who work hard and want all things, yet they lay down at night feeling unfulfilled… and not truly live life the way they want to. I work with moms who are learning to truly love and trust themselves through the mindset, wellness and self-care journey.

I connect with ambitious moms on a multitude of online platforms. I have connected with over 2K moms primarily on the Podcast, Instagram and YouTube. I have an email list of 700+ who I send a newsletter to every single week.

My primary audience are busy moms between the ages of 28-35 years old who have kid(s) at home. They have a busy schedule, are looking for more, intentional self-care and have a home to manage. They love to be with their families and take pride in being a mother.

– Nelly Alba

Let’s collaborate

Social media is such a powerful way to connect with individuals, especially moms. I provide content in holistic self-care, mindset building and empowering moms to make decisions that align with their ideal future self.

For all collaboration inquiries, you can reach me at: